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EasyTheme Documentation


Thank you for using EasyTheme! We hope you will have pleasure to use it. If you have any questions, please contact me with the support contact form.

EasyTheme is Joomla 3 + 4 compatible and work fine with this extensions:


  • EasySocial 4.0.X
  • EasyDiscuss 4.1.X
  • Komento 4.0.X
  • ConverseKit 2.0.X



To start, install EasyTheme in the usual way via your Joomla admin. Then, after publishing the module, give it the "DEBUG" position.

Rather than making a long, boring documentation that must be kept up to date for each new version of the module, I preferred to detail each function in the Joomla admin. So, for each parameter in your Joomla admin, you have an explanation that appears and gives you more details when you click on the help button.

So, it’s normally not necessary to add more details on this documentation. But there is just one specific point I need to tell you about : « wrapper class ».


If you don’t know how to find the name of your « wrapper class », please follow this instructions :

1) Open the browser « Google Chrome ». If you have not installed on your computer, you can download it here (it’s free).

2) Go to your site, and select the very top-left of one of your component (inside the red section). In this example, we use the component « EasySocial » from Stackideas.

3) Make a « right-click » with your mouse, then, select « inspect ».

4) You can see in the right-window, the class of your component and sidebar, if you have published one. In this case, we can see class="site-grid".

5) In this example, we can see the class name is « site-grid ». All you have to do is indicate it in the corresponding field located under the "settings" tab.